Honey sweetened – No sugar or cane juice


1-to-3 chai-to-milk super-concentration ratio


Freshly milled spices and estate teas


Organic and all-natural, wholesome ingredients


Shelf stable – less refrigerated storage space

Sanctuary Chai Super-Concentrates

Traditional Chai

A rich blend of black and green teas infused with subtle essences of soothing spices results in a comforting, balanced taste with an exotic aroma.

Spicy Chai

Sanctuary Chai’s fiery spice blend of cardamom, ginger, and a touch of cayenne yield a smooth sip and a warming aftertaste.

Herbal Caffeine-Free Chai

Organic, naturally caffeine-free, and full-bodied South African rooibos, loaded with antioxidants and minerals, infused with vibrant spices, producing a satisfying and flavorful chai tea.