Kay’s Coffee Shop – Beach, Coffee, & Community

Located just feet from the beautiful Southern California beach, Kay’s Coffee Shop is situated in an idealistic location to serve the local community, tourists from around the world, and LA residents that are escaping the craziness of the city and looking for a tranquil outpost. A small family business owned by LaDonna Hambrick, Kay’s Coffee Shop is the namesake and memorial to her father, Kay, who was a “constant coffee drinker.”

I wanted to create a “place.” One where people could count on a consistently great cup of coffee and something sweet to go with it; one where people could stop and relax for a bit by themselves or visit with a friend.
- LaDonna Hambrick

The Goods

Kay’s Coffee Shop bakes it’s pastries in house. A customer from Bakersfield, CA put it best, saying Kay’s Coffee Shop has “ridiculously good breakfast pastries and egg pie.” They serve coffee from Beacon Coffee, a local roaster that is committed to sustainable coffee sourcing and features coffee from small lot farms which they have personal relationships with. That sort of commitment to serving extraordinary products to customers is what makes Kay’s a special place, and Kay’s customers appreciate and embrace this philosophy. LaDonna says “Our customers value the same things we do: keeping it local and getting a quality product.”

The Coffee Shop

LaDonna is proud of how the business has become a fixture to the local community. “More than a few customers have told me how important stopping by for coffee is to their routine and how the shop feels like home. Being able to create such a place for people has made me immeasurably grateful as well as proud.” LaDonna’s passion for creating a community centered atmosphere drives her to provide value and quality products to her customers. She says, “I look forward to seeing the newborns I’ve been introduced to become regulars, and the day I hear someone say ‘It’s only been 5 years!? It feels like you’ve been here forever!’.”

The Chai

LaDonna’s commitment to quality is reflected in her chai tea products as well: “As a business owner, I love Sanctuary Chai because they care as much about their chai as I do about my customers’ experience at Kay’s Coffee Shop. Their commitment to natural, wholesome, and responsibly sourced ingredients mirrors my dedication to providing customers with the best coffee and the highest quality milk available.”

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