Cayenne Pepper – The “Spicy” in Sanctuary’s Spicy Chai

Sanctuary Chai Spicy Chai fans rave about the warm spicy heat, especially in the winter. For some, it is bit unusual to have heat in a beverage, and fans often ask what makes the heat and how it is controlled to be so warming, but not burning!

There is an industry wide heat rating system called Scoville Heat Units (SHU) which measures the capsaicin content in the pepper, which is what causes the heat that we taste. Sanctuary Chai uses cayenne pepper ...

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5 Reasons Honey is Better than Sugar and Cane Juice

When we’re talking to Sanctuary Chai fans, it’s apparent they are very health conscious. We have had some great discussions around honey, and why it’s so much better than sugar and cane juice as a sweetener.

Here are 5 reasons honey is better than sugar and cane juice:

1. Honey is a Whole Food

Sugar and Cane Juice are processed by extracting sucrose molecules from a whole food, the cane plant. Whenever food processors strip and extract food molecules from a whole food, ...

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