5 Reasons Honey is Better than Sugar and Cane Juice

When we’re talking to Sanctuary Chai fans, it’s apparent they are very health conscious. We have had some great discussions around honey, and why it’s so much better than sugar and cane juice as a sweetener.

Here are 5 reasons honey is better than sugar and cane juice:

1. Honey is a Whole Food

Sugar and Cane Juice are processed by extracting sucrose molecules from a whole food, the cane plant. Whenever food processors strip and extract food molecules from a whole food, then add it back into foods, it’s a recipe for disaster in regards to our health. There are many studies which show this type of behavior is contributing to many health problems: including diabetes and obesity. Whole foods are foods which are intact – our bodies process them differently and they contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

2. Honey has a healthier Glycemic Index (GI)

Because honey is a whole food, it’s processed by our digestive system in a healthier way. Sugar and cane juice require our bodies to utilize our own enzymes to process the sugar and cane juice. Honey bees add their enzymes into the honey so we digest it easier – resulting in a lower GI.

3. Honey has Vitamins and Minerals

Sugar has absolutely no vitamins. That’s why people say that sugar is empty calories, because there is absolutely no nutritional value to it. Honey, on the other hand, has Vitamin C, Niacin, Folate, and other vitamins. Honey also has minerals, which are picked up and delivered by the bees.

4. Honey has Antioxidants

Pound per pound, honey has as many antioxidants as green veggies! Honey is a very complex whole food, which includes starchy fibers. It’s not just processed glucose and fructose. Sugar has no antioxidants.

5. Honey tastes better

Honey has a rich bold flavor, and adds body to drinks and a unique flavor to different foods. Sanctuary Chai uses a wildflower honey which has a very unique floral taste, which compliments the deliciousness of the spices and teas!

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